Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Wei Bao-dong febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Jul 30 00:11:13 MDT 1996

William Thurber wrote:
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> I challenge the group to
> do what Dennis cannot or will not -- show how or why quotas
> are wrong if> you accept the premise that the races are equal.
> --Will

Sincerely --->  Does the difference of opinion here arise out
of your placing group benefit above individual benefit?  While
I am not Chinese, I find it hideous that Chinese applicants to
Berkeley must score 200 - 300 points higher than whites on the SAT.
Such is their reward for a superior study ethic.

"Americans" (ooops, JB) would do well, I think, to follow Maslow's
advice and learn from the superiorities that our various racial and
ethnic groups have to offer.  I doubt that we will soon adopt
such an approach; political correctness is not comfortable with
"superiorities" and it earns no one much political hay.

Best Regards,  PapaPaul


PS:  Alaskan Eskimos score above average on the SATs.
I wonder what their secret is?

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