Affirmative Action and the CCRI

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Tue Jul 30 00:38:11 MDT 1996

Stephen A Frye wrote:
> >I challenge the group to do what Dennis cannot or will not -- show how
> >or why quotas are wrong if you accept the premise that the races are
> >equal.
> You have to be kidding?  Equal in what respect - rights, opportunities,
> training?  All people are different in the areas of opportunities and
> training.  If we were all the same you could hire the first person to
> come in off the street.  But that is not the case.  Regardless of race
> or origin etc. people differ in their character, talents, and abilities
> - and should be judged solely on same.
> The problem with quotas is that we are forced to hire people that may
> not be qualified - or forced to overlook people who may be more
> qualified.  On the other hand, without legislation, we have proved that
> we are free to not hire qualified people simply because we do not like
> their color.  Both of these extremes are wrong.
> Stephen Frye

I like what you have to say, Stephen.  I would like to make another
comment about "equality".
In one of his final radio programs, Mario Cuomo and a conservative
caller went at it about welfare.  Playing the equality card,
Mario abruptly asked, Do you mean to tell me that you are BETTER
than those people?  The caller stumbled and said he did not consider
himself better than anyone else.

I think that was the wrong answer.

I am better at getting up in the morning and busting my butt than
the healthy woman next door who has been on public assistance for
20 years.  I have more integrity than Uncle Lester who brags,
"If they are dumb enough to give it me, I am smart enough to take
it."  I not as larcenous as Ann who gets disability for a bad
back, but supplements her check with stoop labor in the berry
patches.  I am not as greedy as Ruby who once declared in the local
Stop N Rob, "No, no, I quit THAT job. I went back on assistance.
I figure I need time to GROW."

And more powerful than all of us is the guy in Apartment 21
who has a genuine disability, but who gets up at the crack
of dawn every day and walks to work.  As he has been doing
for as long as I have known him.  A true American hero in my mind.

Regards, PapaPaul

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