Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Tue Jul 30 06:50:40 MDT 1996

> Dennis, you are making a levels of analysis mistake here.  Individuals
> can differ within populations of equal ability.  I remind you again that
> the two classes I taught last year had equal average grades, but not all
> students received the same grade.

You are using circular reasoning. You justify the position that populations
are of equal ability by arguing individuals, on average, are of equal ability
within population groups. My point is that individuals are qualfied or not
qualified based entirely on their work ethic and perseverence. There is no
inidvidual of any population group that cannot be successful with hard work
and perseverence.

> I didn't ask you to change your position, I asked you to explain why or
> where my logic failed.  If you wish to end this discussion without doing
> so, what can I conclude but that you cannot.  I challenge the group to
> do what Dennis cannot or will not -- show how or why quotas are wrong if
> you accept the premise that the races are equal.

Quotas are wrong because it is unconstitutional and because they do not result
in aquiring success as result of ability but rather artifical success because
of skin color. In addition they punish true hard work because of the opposite
skin color. It seems like such a simple concept to me and I don't know how
else to explain it. As the old saw goes, "none are as blind as those that
refuse to see."

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