Gun Control (my opinion)

Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Tue Jul 30 07:17:38 MDT 1996

> Well I asked first, and I did in sincere curiosity.  I trust you did
> too.  I am not sure how you think I interpret the meaning of the 2nd
> Admt.  But the quantitative difference between pocket knives and
> automatic rifles is the amount of human destruction from what range in a
> limited period of time.  Now will you tell me if you support civilian
> control of nuclear arms, and the rationale behind your support or lack of
> same?

I have already sent a post explaining how the founders envisioned the 2nd. I
hope that post got through, if not let me know and I'll repost. However, I
want to address Will's question of 'civilian control of nuclear arms.' I'm
not sure you meant what you said but nuclear arms *are* under civilian
control. Indeed, the entire military is under civilian control and that is
exactly what the founders intended. The commander-in-chief (present office
holder excepted) is the civilian control over the military including nuclear
arms. So to answer your question, yes, I believe (as did our founders) that
nuclear arms should be under civilian control. The rationale is explained in
the Federalist Papers much better than I could ever dream of explaining it.

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