Affirmative Action and the CCRI

Edward Dunai darkside at ASU.EDU
Tue Jul 30 20:08:24 MDT 1996

        I would include on your list of organizations to be eliminated
the KKK, the Aryan Nation and any other white supremist group.  While
INDIVIDUALS may be inferior or superior to others, I do not believe that
GROUPS are, and thus is the crux of my argument.  If the groups are equal
in potential, affirmative action is but retargetted racism.  We must
judge each other as individuals, based on our merits, our
accomplishments, our character.  We must not judge each other based on
our ethnic identification or our skin color.

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On Tue, 30 Jul 1996, Dennis Putnam wrote:

> >
> > So how do we put a stop to it - regardless of which way it goes?
> >
> Remove from positions of power those people and organizations that continue to
> perpetuate racism for their own selfish interests (Jackson, Farrahkan, etc. and
> NAA[L]CP, NOI, etc.). Eliminate laws and government policies that entrap
> minorities in a state of poverity and dependence and laws that simply polorize
> the population. Free market forces will assure that the best qualified,
> regardless of race, etc. will be successful. 'The cream always rises to the
> top.'
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