Deaths surrounding Clinton V2.0

Tue Oct 1 14:12:26 MDT 1996

Hi.  Stephen Frye.

        All we are saying is that Death seems to follow around
Clinton.  Can you refute that? How many people do you know around
you who died under very curious circumstances?  Don't you find it
rather odd that it happened so many times around Clinton?  But wait...
I'm sorry; I keep forgetting that we are all dumb old Rush followers.

        By the way, you seemed to serve a similar purpose in this
listserver as Rush.  Rebelling against the evil majority.  Also,
what is your definition of Judeo Christian morality?  Us Judeo
Christian people are not suppose to specculate?  Also, what does
a religion have anything to do with pointing out the fact that
deaths follow around Clinton?  Maybe the reason why you are getting
so emotional is because it maybe true.

To Everyone Else on the list:
Words of the day.

Judeo Christian - Words used when Christian Right is no longer fashionable..

Every body repeat it three times like Stephen did.... :)

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