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Sam Teel kteel at FAU.CAMPUS.MCI.NET
Tue Oct 1 22:14:59 MDT 1996

Rush Talkers:

I was fortunate last Thursday to see the next president, Bob Dole at a rally
in West Palm Beach.  He was funnier, friendlier, and more well spoken than
even I thought he would be.  I was about twenty feet away, center stage and
could see and hear Bob great.  He looked younger than 73.  (BTW When my dad
was 73 he could still kick my butt eight ways from Sunday, especially in the
intellect department. My liberal best friend said, "And if Bob Dole was half
the man your dad was, I'd vote for him!) Anyway, Bob was great!  He may not
be as conservative as I would like, but he read the tenth amendment, out
loud, and without reservation.

The basic difference between Bob and Bill is that Bob is for a smaller, more
limited, federal government while Bill is for a larger, more powerful
federal government.  We as a Nation must choose.

When I look at that pencil Bob holds in his right hand, my heart swells with
pride.  Here is a man who put his life on the line for the USA and damn near
lost it.  I won't even mention what Bill was doing when my family was in Nam.

I wore my DOLE/KEMP t-shirt to a downtown steet party on Clematis that night
while my attorney introduced me to many of his lawyer friends.  Most were
pro Clinton.  I lost not one debate.  Not because I'm such a good spokesman,
but because when you understand the facts, Bob looks good, real good.

Some of y'all ought to come on down to West Palm and join us on a Thursday
nite. We take over downtown and party hardy!  It really is fun, we (oh my
goodness, WE is the CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH!) hire a band, close the street
to cars, and just dance and talk the nite away. Preppy yuppies to pierced
teens, blacks, whites and all in between, with dollar beers and dollar
pizza, lovely ladies galore and hey, Value Jet is flying again!  No kidding
guys, come on down.  If you like, wait till it gets really cold here, like
65 degrees in January! ;) email me!

Now I want to pose a serious question to you folks.  What would happen to
your company if you build a stage, knowing that a disabled veteran was about
to speak, and you built FALSE handrails?  Where I work, somebody's ass would
have been grass.  And I would be first in line to mow it.  I want to know
what SOB built that thing.

I also want to express my thanks to the Secret Service guys who PROTECTED
Mr. Bob.  They looked very young, and when their coats opened, I could see
their Sigs,(anybody here know what a Sig is? Dennis?) but they were VERY
protective of Mr. Dole. (as I hope they are of Mr. Bill)  As he walked
along, they held the articles for Bob to sign.  I did not try to get Bob's
autograph, as it is so hard for him.  But I'll bet he can sign a bill with
no problem!  Or veto the damn thing, as his judgement dictates.  He is a man
of judgement.  Support him and support freedom!

And one last comment.  Bob was willing to give his life for this nation
fifty years ago.  If he dies from the stress of being President, he will
have died the most honorable death a man can.  And if Mr. Kemp takes over
the helm, well that's ok too.

Sam Teel
Bob Dole for President!

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