Deaths surrounding Clinton V2.0

Jim Nantz jimnantz at NETWRX.NET
Tue Oct 1 22:25:18 MDT 1996

At 11:02 AM 10/1/96 +0000, Donna Johnson wrote:
>Come on Jim. Dont be a coward. YOU either say he is or he isnt. None
>of these not exactlys!!!!!

Donna I don't know for sure who is responsible for the string of mysterious
deaths surrounding Clinton.  I have no evidence either way.  I'm just saying
that there's something very wrong going on here.  Crimes were committed.
The criminal(s) responsible, whoever they may be need to be found and

Donna  you may think like many liberals do that there's nothing to these
deaths surrounding Clinton.  They were accidents or whatever.  Don't forget
that one of the people killed was shot in his car in daylight.  Also don't
forget there are a lot more than one or two deaths.  If someone knows how
many please let me know.
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