They Still Like Him

Stephen A Frye safrye at CCGATE.DP.BECKMAN.COM
Thu Oct 3 13:50:36 MDT 1996

        >It's not too amazing to witness dependency oriented people ready to
>vote for someone is giving away the store.  Not good for the country though.
>Not good for freedom.

>Bill White

I agree with this.  Couldn't have been better stated.  But I think it's time
that instead of just saying it, we need to teach people why.  Whether we like it
or not, most of the voters tend to not examine things in depth.  Hence, most
voters like the thought of things being taken care of for them.  We can
criticize that attitude until hell freezes over, but it won't change it.  So,
instead of telling them how wrong they are, why don't we all come up with a
method of showing people a better way.  One that works.

One of the conservative promises is "smaller government, balanced budget, lower
taxes."  But many, including me, want to know details of how that is going to be
done.  What is going to be cut?  Who will lose their jobs?  What departments are
out?  If we can't show a real plan, how are our promises any better than Mr.

Stephen Frye

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