Jim's debate review

Jim Nantz jimnantz at NETWRX.NET
Mon Oct 7 01:16:13 MDT 1996

In my opinion Bob Dole did much better in the debate than we were led to
believe by the press.  Bob Dole had the audience and me howling with
laughter several times.  This ends the image of Dole as a cold, unfeeling
person.  Dole's humor shows that he is in touch with people's feelings.  I
also think he did a good job countering the President's lies, but he could
have done better countering the lies made about cuts to medicare, and
education.  Clinton looked a little too smug.  He looked like he's grown a
little too confident because he's had such a lead for so long.

Although I think Bob Dole won this one, he could do a little better.  If he
continues to do this well he might just have a chance.
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