Dole's fantasies!

James Moore jmoore at DIRECT.CA
Mon Oct 7 20:22:58 MDT 1996

> Bob Dole fantasizes about winning the election in November but soon
>reality will set in that he is a loser! He lacks the charisma to be
>president and lead this beautiful country!

True.  Dole does lack charisma and style.  But so what!  If all we are doing
is trying to elect the most charismatic person to the White House, Jack
Nicholson would've been there since 1977.  Dole lacks charisma and style-
true.  Clinton lacks credibility, honesty, integrity, patriotism, courage,
self-discipline and respect.  I'll trade a guy like that in for someone a
little short on charisma everyday of the week, and twice of Sunday.

James A. Moore

>Matthew S. Boyle
>boyle2 at
>The College Of New Jersey

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