I wonder about what I read.

Steve R. Henderson Steve_R._Henderson at BRIDGE.COM
Tue Oct 8 06:43:24 MDT 1996

Exactly, John. I was listening to the radio on the way in to work... They were
interviewing "voters" in the North East. One woman said that she is a
Republican, but was leaning toward Clinton until the debate showed her that Dole
could be dynamic... Give me a break! While I'll welcome your vote, lady,
P-L-E-A-S-E don't tell me you've "always been a Republican"! You've just told
the whole national audience that you don't have the foggiest idea of what
Republicans believe. If a "dynamic" presentation is your main criteria for
President, just go back home, get in bed and sleep through the election - you've
obviously been snoozing for the last 4 years...  You're woefully uninformed.

Which brings us back to your point, John - most people don't expend the effort
to observe and think... just wait until 30 days before the election, peel back
their scalp, and pour in the media spin. <sigh>

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Subject: I wonder about what I read.
Author:  john <jfearon at INTERGATE.NET> at Internet
Date:    10/8/96 5:20 AM

Is everyone on here so young that they were living when Hitler took
Germany?  They thought he was a great guy.  Then Hitler wanted more and
more and more.  Hitler wanted more area of the total world and he wanted
to take from those who had to give to those who don't.  Hewould
sometimes, do it in violent ways.  People think that Clinton is so great
and many of them are fulled by his looks and charisma.  What a shame,
people don't seem to read anything, except the three major network news
services, or maybe the "Comunistic News Network."  People don't analyze
for themselves.  They want to be spoon fed, by such clowns as Brocaw,
Jennings and Rather.  If we have Clinton as president and Hillary as
co-president again, there won't be any need to run a business and be a
producer.  You will get to keep so little of what you make, that  it will
be unimportant to even try.  Lets all let Clinton reel us in, and just do
everything for us.  I guess the cost of what freedoms you have to lose
doesn't matter to most people.  I'm just old enough to remember.  John
Fearon jfearon at intergate.net

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