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Tue Oct 8 12:45:11 MDT 1996

>Chad sed:
>One good thing about the debate was that we didn't have to look
>at Dole holding that stupid pencil that he's always carrying in his
>bad hand/arm, what does he do with it, sign his campaign checks with
>Steve sed:
>Cheap shot in poor taste, Chad.
>Chad sed:
>Cheap shot?  Yes.  Poor taste?  Maybe
>        <<<<<< S N I P >>>>>>
>Steve is still right.  Poor taste, pure and simple.
>Regards, PapaPaul

Chad -- If you ever got a .50 cal. round in your shoulder, I don't think you'd
feel much like shaking hands, O.K?  The pencil is there to tell people that
hand/arm is "occupied", thus avoiding strain on an old wound.

Regards, Larry

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