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        The report card Dennis provided helps to focus the discussion.  Like
Will Tuell, I would score Dole as the winner, though the margin would be more
A-/B.  I think Clinton's composure was in the A zone.  However, Dole raised
several challenges to Clinton that he either avoided or responded to weakly.
For example:

Usurping credit (most egregious) due to other persons, programs, or groups:
        -deficit reduction (Dennis covered that)
        -crime reductions
        -decline in welfare roles
Potential pardons for former cronies
Drug use increases owing to combined neglect and ineffective policies (DARE)
Weak, largely reactive Ad Hoc foreign policy
UN control issue
Educational choice (like Chelsea has) for all segments of the population

        In true debate terms,  Clinton loses by ignoring or weakly answering
main points that Dole made and even repeated.  Clinton's weakness here gives
Dole the substantive advantage.  Also, Dole's quick-witted, pointed humor was
decidedly superior.  Clinton, although seemingly poised, was stumped several
times - "no comment" said it all.  For voters, the charisma issue is real and
counts, but only for groupies and the easily hypnotized.

        I believe Dennie has it right.  People are going to get a real wakeup
call about polls when Dole is elected in November.


Bill White

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