The People vs. Big Government

Eric Lundberg lundberg at FCREF.ORG
Tue Oct 8 12:26:08 MDT 1996

>On Saturday October 19th from noon until 5 PM EST, KIUSA will host a
>special interactive program entitled, The People vs. Big Government.
>Conservative leaders, including Paul Weyrich and Arianna Huffington
>will come together to discuss with you the consequences of big
>government and what we as conservatives can do to counteract its
>The program is free and can be received through the Internet or through
>satellite television.
>The topics will include:
>       Socialism vs. Democracy
>       Privatizing Compassion
>       Big Government vs. The Family
>       A Conservative Approach to Environmentalism
>If you have a satellite dish or an Internet connection with a sound
>and speakers you can participate in this interactive conference.  There
>several ways you can register:  You can either :
>Websurf   KIUSA's homepage  is
>Call    Darcy Garthwaite at 1-800-548-7299 ext. 398
>Fax    Your name and either a street or e-mail address to
>    202-544-2819
>If you have any questions you can e-mail Eric Lundberg at
>lundberg at or you can call him at 1-800-548-7299, ext. 397.
>Once you register you will receive a confirmation notice via e-mail.
>Your e-mail address will never be passed along to another organization
>or company.
>Please forward the information about this exciting opportunity to other
>individuals and organizations that you believe might enjoy taking part.

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