Rush Not having a good day

Tue Oct 8 16:08:19 MDT 1996

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        I was paraphrasing Rush's explanation of  what he calls the arousal
gap.  The Annenburg (sp?) School of Communication's study shows that
Rush's listeners are better informed and have higher educational level
compared to the General Public of non-listeners.  He extrapolated from that
information that since most of his listerners support Dole over Clinton, that
support must rest on an informed, rational choice.  He thinks many
supporters of Clinton, on the other hand, are likely to be basing their choice
on factors other than rational information.  For example, some polls indicate
that most people don't trust Clinton; yet he leads in the some prominent
polls.   The gap between a reasoned, informed choice and support for Clinton
he calls the arousal gap.  Within that gap are factors like emotion, sex
and I would suppose the usual repertoire of "hidden persuaders."

        The said study may or may not define the cause and effect reationship
between Rush and the level of information of his listeners.  Personally, I get
infomation from his show that is either buried by, slanted in, or omitted from
the mainstream press that I normally consult.

        Hope I have gotten this straight.


Bill White

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