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Wed Oct 9 02:56:45 MDT 1996

Chad Gallop wrote:

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> Fatally wounded? Is that like dying because you got shot in the ass or
> what?

        No, that's not the meaning of fatally wounded.

> Anyway, my point wasn't that he was a war hero or not, we all
> know he is, and I respect the man for it, but my question/statement was,
> is why does he carry the stupid pen/pencil with him?  Does he do it for
> sympathy/honor or what?

        No, not for sympathy.  No, not for honor.

        He carries the pen because he does not want to embarrass
        those who would  shake his right hand only to discover
        that his arm and hand are disabled.  The pen is a visual
        signal that his hand is occupied.

> Maybe my point was misunderstood,


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