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Wed Oct 9 07:32:59 MDT 1996

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<< >> Here is a report card on the debate between Dole and Clinton
 >Monday night which appeared in our local newspaper today.  It was graded
 by Dr. Dianne Bystrom, director of the Carrie Chapman Catt center for
 >and Politics at Iowa State University.  She is supposedly an expert on
 the effects of political debates on television viewers although I
 suspect she is a
 >femanazi (sp?).  I think you will get a kick out of this.

Then Chad responed:

 Oh yes she must be, she said Clinton got he higher "grade", yup there
 must be something wrong with her...maybe she didn't sleep though it!
First of all, I think you are getting my father and myself mixed up.  Notice
the signature at the end of the post has a Jr. after it so it was mine.  When
I said "femanazi (sp?)" I meant it as a joke.  I guess I forgot the :>).
 Anyway, the reason I said it was because she is the director of a center for
Women and Politics at Iowa State University.  What in the world is that?  Are
men allowed to participate in this?  Probably not.  Do they have a center for
Men and Politics where women can't attend?  Diffently not.  This is another
subject, but my statment was suppose to be a joke. :>)  The woman is probably
very intelligent and is entitled to her beliefs, but I don't have to agree
with it.  Lighten up Chad.

In my opinion Clinton seemed very fake and acted like I was some kind of
idiot and don't understand whats going on.  When I look at Clinton I see
someone who is acting and is not serious.  This is the reason I disagree with
this woman's grades.  Bob Doles grades are pretty close to how I would have
done it, but Clintons is a little off.  I thought his delivery was fake and
he didn't support his case very well.  I also saw a little frustration on his
face and perhaps anger, so I would give him a lower composure rating as well.
 Like Dr. Bystrom, I am entitled to my opinion.  I guess I ate to much red
meat and was feeling dominate over women at the time I wrote the post. :>)

Dennis Putnam, JR.
Asheville, NC

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