Rush not having a good day

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Wed Oct 9 17:50:59 MDT 1996

Willaim Thurber - MKTG PhD Student wrote:
> Just two points on this.  My original point was that Rush stereotyped
> liberals when he condemed liberals for usinf sterotypes.  A complete
> irony.
> Second, we all use beliefs and emotions when we form attitudes about
> anything.  Liberals do, conservatives do, blacks do, whites do, men,
> women, Taoists,,,,,

        ,,,,, (except that distrust of belief and
        emotion as the ingredients of illusion are
        are at the core of Taoist practice),,,,,,,

> ,,,,,,,Confucions, even Babtists.  It is not bad or evil it is
> quintessentially human.  To suggest that one group of people are more
> likely to do behave in an emotional way is about the same as saying that
> one group breaths more than the other, abject nonsense.

        I think you are right about that.  I
        respectfully submit, however, that conservatives
        view Liberals as emotionalists because (among
        other things) liberals frequently complain that
        conservatives are "mean-spirited", "insensitive
        to women, children, the down and out", "want to
        rob grandma and grandpa of medicare", blah, blah,
        blah.  This, too, is abject nonsense.  As far as
        I can tell, most conservatives care deeply about
        women, children, grandma, grandpa and squirrels,
        but have a different view of how our citizens
        can achieve happiness.

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