Dole's fantasies!

Ron Koms rkoms at TRISTATE.PGH.NET
Wed Oct 9 20:12:09 MDT 1996

At 02:20 AM 10/8/96 -0400, you wrote:
>> Bob Dole fantasizes about winning the election in November but soon
>>reality will set in that he is a loser! He lacks the charisma to be
>>president and lead this beautiful country!
>>Matthew S. Boyle
>>boyle2 at
>>The College Of New Jersey
>Charisma, eh?  I wonder why, then,  our foreign policy is in a shambles;
>we've lost the respect of the international community; medicare/ss is going
>broke in a few years; amongst other interesting things.  Is it because
>charisma is more important than integrity, leadership, and ideas?

Hehehe, amazing isn't it Helen.  There are actually people that would vote
for a president on *charisma*


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