Clinton lies and the GOP ad that never was

Jim Nantz jimnantz at NETWRX.NET
Fri Oct 11 15:46:56 MDT 1996

I saw Mike and Carole's list of Clinton lies and I can't help but wonder why
the GOP doesn't use the same list.  They could use the actual audio and
video of clinton saying these things (if available) or the text (if no video
available) and then show what he really did.  I imagine it something like this:

Here's what Bill Clinton said:
"I believe you deserve more than 30-second ads or vague promises. That's why
I've offered a comprehensive plan to get our
economy moving again. It starts with a tax cut for the middle class and asks
the rich to pay their fair share again."
Clinton's first campaign ad, January 1992.

Here's what he did:
On (insert date here) President Clinton signed a bill that calls for the
largest tax cut in history.

Here's what Bill Clinton said:
"Oppose federal excise gas tax increases. Instead of a backbreaking federal
gas tax, we should try conservation, increased use of
natural gas, and increased use of alternative fuels."
Putting People First, September 1992.

Here's what he did:
Bill Clinton signed into law a 4 cent a gallon tax increase.

You get the idea.  Dole could run enough of these ads to include all the
Clinton lies he wants to make an issue of.  This would not be mean spirited
Republican lies this would be Bill Clinton's own words on tape.

One more thought:  I wonder why Dole is concerned about being labeled mean
spirited.  The liberal press will twist things around to make Dole look bad
no matter what he says.

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