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*File Description: Politically Correct Dictionary*

               New Official Politically Correct Terms for 1991.
                             You Must Comply

        old                             new
conservative                    reactionary
The Establishment               White Power Elite
hearing person                  temporarily aurally abled
sighted person                  temporarily visually abled
blind                           visually challenged
mute                            vocally challenged
dead                            metabolically different
alive                           temporarily metabolically abled
ugly                            aesthetically challenged
rude                            politically correct (tm)
psychopath                      socially misaligned
bald                            follicularly challenged
non-white, non-male             oppressed
white                           melanin impoverished/genetically oppressive
white male                      oppressor
black                           african-american
asian                           asian-american
afro-american                   african-american

pregnancy                       parasitic oppression

janitor                         sanitation engineer
dish washer                     utensil sanitizer

dairy                           where cows are raped
ranch                           where cattle are murdered
egg ranch                       where hens are raped

biology department              where animals are tortured and then murdered
                                to fulfill the sadistic fantasies of white
                                male scientist lakeys of the imperialistic
                                drug companies

fishing                         raping the oceans
farming                         exploiting mother earth

paper bag                       processed tree carcass

Many of the labels from the 80's are now passe.  Here is a partial
list of the denotations that are now acceptable (all labels are subject
to change without notice).

old                     80's                    90's
---                     ----                    ----
deaf                    hearing impaired        aurally challenged
blind                   sight impaired          visually challenged
retarded                mentally handicapped    mentally challenged
queer                   gay/homosexual          queer [strange but true]
fat                     big boned               alternative body image

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