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Great post, Chad.......
(Obviously an intellectual heavy-weight!)

On  8 Nov 96 at 22:57, Chad Gallop wrote:

> Dennis,
> >> Cheap shot?  Yes.  Poor taste?  Maybe so, but this isn't how some
> >> conservatives think when they attack Clinton about not going to
> >the war, about his accusers of harassment and things.  The big
> >picture
> here
> >is, is that there are hundreds if not thousands of people that have
> >died or been wounded in war, but haven't had a darned thing done
> >for them, and here this old man who thinks he's 20 years old is
> >standing in front
> of
> > America holding some stupid pencil in his injured hand.  The
> > stupid thing is probably made in China anyway.
> >Boy, this one went way over my head. Please explain to this thick
> >headed conservative how protesting the Vietnam war on Communist
> >soil, putting in writing that one "loathes the military", and
> >dodging the draft makes one fit for the position of
> >commander-in-chief. While a
> The fact of the matter is, is that it was his choice to not go to
> war, and I don't blame him, I wouldn't have gone either.  But thats
> not my point here.
> >war hero, nearly fatally wounded in the service of his country,
> >carrying a pen in his war destroyed arm does not?
> Fatally wounded? Is that like dying because you got shot in the ass
> or what?  Anyway, my point wasn't that he was a war hero or not, we
> all know he is, and I respect the man for it, but my
> question/statement was, is why does he carry the stupid pen/pencil
> with him?  Does he do it for sympathy/honor or what?  Maybe my point
> was misunderstood, I was little crass that night and I'm sorry, I
> really didn't  mean to offend any of you conservatives, god knows we
> wouldn't want to attack poor old Bob!
> Take Care Dennis,
> Chad
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