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Previous commentary via Chad et al said:

>> >is, is that there are hundreds if not thousands of people that have
>> >died or been wounded in war, but haven't had a darned thing done
>> >for them, and here this old man who thinks he's 20 years old is
>> >standing in front
>> of
>> > America holding some stupid pencil in his injured hand.  The
>> > stupid thing is probably made in China anyway.

I thought we had cleared this up.  The reason Dole carries that *stupid pencil*
in his right hand is because the muscles are very weak in his wounded arm and
shaking hands causes him great pain.  He holds that pencil to indicate that that
hand is occupied , thus please shake my left hand.  OK? Got it?

Another thing about Clinton and the draft:  With his educational background,
part-time Rhodes Scholar, etc., it was extremely unlikely that he would have
gone to war, especially in the waning days of the Vietnam war.  He probably
would have served in administration, personnel, or some public affairs office
far removed from any combat -- like Algore.  He ran -- plain and simple --
because he didn't want to be *bothered* like the rest of us who felt we had some
obligation for the freedoms we enjoy.  In Nam we had a saying:  You don't have
to like it, but you do have to show up.  Clinton was more interested in his
political career (he put that in writing) than having to do anything so mundane
and irritating as serving in the military.

 "Frankly, I don't care what you do in public just as long as it doesn't
  scare the horses."   -- Mark Twain
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