Good losers

Willaim Thurber - MKTG PhD Student thurber at FMGMT.MGMT.UTORONTO.CA
Sat Oct 19 05:50:06 MDT 1996

As the presidential elections increasingly appear to be over, I wanted to
share two experiences.

The first was the 1984 race, where as I have said our roles were
completely reversed.  I understand how you all feel even as I disagree
strongly with your positions.

The second experience occurred early in 1977, I had the privilege to
exchange letters with Mamie Eisenhower (I even visited her in Gettysburg
once).  She was disappointed with President Ford's loss in the 1976
election but went on to point out her role as a Republican was to be the
loyal opposition.  Although I forgot that piece of advice in 1984, I
wanted to point out that while the election may decide who lives in the
white house for the next 4 years, it does not decide the ultimate course
of policy.  I remind you all of your duty as citizens in the next 4 years
to oppose with your voices any policy whith which you disagree, thus
becoming what Mrs Eisehower called, the loyal opposition.


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