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On Sat, 19 Oct 96 04:36:07 PDT  , Willaim Thurber - MKTG PhD
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> Just a couple of observations:

Just a couple of corrections to your observations:

> Listening to Rush, all Clinton's decisions are made by polls, so how =

> he manage to honk off a megs worth of people?  And how shall we
square the
> animosity you claim with his 12 point lead?

Clinton was elected by a minority of the electorate. Same way we
square the lead Democrats has in '94.

> On the issue of emotion based perception that some (most?) of you
feel is
> the exclusive purview of me and my liberal friends - can I point out =

> one member of this list claimed that Dole was going to win?  (others
> have made similar claims)  This in the face of overwhelming
evidence to
> the contrary and the knowledge that nobody in history has been in
> position before and won.

Non-sequitor. Hopfulness for a victory is unrelated to basing political =

decisions on enmotion.

> Can I also point out that a 30 second clip of a heckler has already
> commented on in this list (as it should) yet nobody has had anything =

> say about the RNC Christmas party video shown on 20/20, 3
weeks ago.  I
> don't as a general rule use or like this type of argument, but I dare =

> that had that tape been of a DNC Christmas party instead, y'all
would have
> fried the DNC.  If you had you would have had just cause, the tape
> boorish and sophomoric behavior, unfit for a college frat party
muchless an
> organization which intends to promote natioal leadership.  IMHO,
the lack
> of comment was evidence of some emotional based rationalization.

--------- End quoted message ----------

Come on, Will, you of all people should know this is a conservative
discussion list. The media gives the conservatives (a.k.a.
Republicans) plenty of negative press for their activities so why
should we add more? On the other hand, many of the liberal (a.k.a.
Democrat) activities are hidden and distorted by the media so we are
trying to "shine the light of truth" (RHL III) on them. You said it your =

self, the Republicans were on 20/20 while the Democrats were
relagated to page 20.
Dennis Putnam
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