The Beach Heckler

Jim Nantz jimnantz at NETWRX.NET
Sun Oct 20 00:43:35 MDT 1996

At 12:47 AM 10/20/96 -0400, Helen wrote:
>Gee, guys,
>We're all so mean; so mean-spirited; so awful; we're all so critical of the
>POTUS.  We won't give him a chance to do his job.  We don't give him credit
>for anything good, and are all over him like white on rice.  I feel so bad
>that we're like this.  I mean, being the POTUS is a big job, lots of
>stresses, and he works harder than any POTUS has ever worked before; he
>jogs harder than any POTUS has before, and still has thunder thighs.  Now,
>here we are enjoying a heckler knocking the POTUS.  That's so mean-spirited
>of us.  Really!

ROTFL Helen.  Good one.  It reeks of sarcasm. :-)


>I'm not a betting woman, but I'm willing to bet a copy of one of my
>favorite books--I've so many favorites, I wonder which?--that there'll be a
>lot of shredding in the WH the night POTUS loses.   A lot of shredding.

I agree with you Helen in the above paragraph.  Algore will be brokenhearted
at the sight of so many trees being shredded.  If Clinton looses the whole
administration will go into C.Y.A. mode.  Everyone connected with the
Clinton administration  will probably do as much as they can to distance
themselves from the Clintons.  It's looking more and more like some
indictments will come down soon after the election and these people working
with the Clintons don't want to get caught up in it.

If Clinton wins however; look for an increase in the number of arkancides.
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