7 month Old Fetus is a life, jury finds!!!

Dennis Putnam dap at ILINKS.NET
Sun Oct 20 20:49:54 MDT 1996

On Sun, 20 Oct 96 16:00:07 PDT  , Mark Bailey wrote:

> Not to say that life did not begin at conception, but the key factor
> in this
> case is the fact that a)the baby was born and b)that the mother did
> want to have
> the baby.
> So no this case won't set a precedence in the Texas State Law.
> Because of the
> fact that the pro-choicers say that life begins when the baby is all
> the way out
> and seperated from the mother's body.
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You are overlooking a very important aspect of the case. The fatal
injury occurred before birth. Thus a fatal injury occurred to a fetus, =
a baby accroding to definitions expounded by pro-baby-murderers. This
is no different then a partial birth abortion, in fact not even as bad =
a viable baby is partially born before that fatal injury is administered.=

Therefore if a fatal injury is administered to a baby before birth is mur=
according to this case (which is the right verdict IMO) then a fatal inju=
to a baby that has been partially delivered must also be murder. There =

is no difference between the two.
Dennis Putnam
Loganville, Ga.

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