7 month Old Fetus is a life, jury finds!!!

Mark Bailey gopatgo at PSCI.NET
Sun Oct 20 18:34:41 MDT 1996

>You are overlooking a very important aspect of the case. The fatal
>injury occurred before birth. Thus a fatal injury occurred to a fetus, not
>a baby accroding to definitions expounded by pro-baby-murderers. This
>is no different then a partial birth abortion, in fact not even as bad since
>a viable baby is partially born before that fatal injury is administered.
>Therefore if a fatal injury is administered to a baby before birth is murder
>according to this case (which is the right verdict IMO) then a fatal injury
>to a baby that has been partially delivered must also be murder. There
>is no difference between the two.
You and I might see it that way, but we must remember that not all of us have
compassion for the unborn.  You are absolutely correct in what you say, but the
way that the laws will record it is that the baby did not die until after it was
born.  And what about my second point the mother wanted to have the baby.  Weust
also remember that we are talking about Texas State Law, which is very different
than in many other states.  For the Texas State Constitution is written in a
libertarian point of view.  So that the laws can be read in one way, and having
studied Texas politics I can assure you that this case will not change any legal
definitions between a baby and a fetus.

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