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>Drug Testing before Driver's License: The President has proposed that
>young adults be tested for drugs before being issued a driver's license. I
>guess since it is only days before the election, and his administration did
>nothing for four years and allowed drug use among teenagers to double
during >his watch, he is now concerned enough to try and capture a few
>What a hypocrite! This issue really belongs to the states, since there is
no >"national" driver's license.

Hey Billy Joe Bob,

Drug Testing should be mandatory for anyone controlling more than 3000
Nuclear Warheads!

Maybe, we should have mandatory drug testing for anyone in the Clinton
administration! That wipe out about 3/4 ths of his staff.LOL

Wouldn't you agree?

Maybe Drug Testing should be mandatory for adults applying for renewal of
their Drivers licenses. Could you imagine the Public Outcry .

This Prez has done more to destroy the Bill of Rights in his 3 year tenure
than any other in history.

Mike and Carole Porch

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