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Dennis Putnam dap at ILINKS.NET
Sat Oct 26 12:20:29 MDT 1996

On Sat, 26 Oct 96 06:56:20 PDT  , Mike and Carole Porch wrote:

> Drug Testing should be mandatory for anyone controlling more than
> Nuclear Warheads!
> Maybe, we should have mandatory drug testing for anyone in the
> administration! That wipe out about 3/4 ths of his staff.LOL

Actually this already is required for security clearance. After 4 years =

there are still a large percentage of Clinton staffers (35% last I heard)=

that have not get gotten security clearance because they are
avoiding the manditory drug testing.

> Wouldn't you agree?
> Maybe Drug Testing should be mandatory for adults applying for
renewal of
> their Drivers licenses. Could you imagine the Public Outcry .
> This Prez has done more to destroy the Bill of Rights in his 3 year
> than any other in history.
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This is strictly a state issue. The last thing we want is more regulation=

from at federal government that wants to 'help' me.
Dennis Putnam
Loganville, Ga.

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