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Rob Hoffmann robh at HPDC.COM
Sat Oct 26 19:00:47 MDT 1996

Ron Koms wrote:
> At 08:52 PM 10/26/96 PDT, you wrote:
> >On Sat, 26 Oct 96 16:58:53 PDT  , Ron Koms wrote:
> >
> >> Is the traffic real slow on this listserv, or is it my provider.  The
> >reason
> >> I ask is I'm used to getting about 10 to 30 e-mails a day from
> >> but, this past week I only get one or two, or even none...
> >> Is it just me?
> >>
> >--------- End quoted message ----------
> >
> >It's not just you, there are at least 2 of us. I probably haven't gotten
> >30 messages fro this list in two weeks. It is very light for some reason.
> You would think it would be booming right now cause of the election around
> the corner...
> >Maybe everyone is too busy trying to convince Clinton supporters of
> >their folly.
> hehehehe
> >Although Will is the only one that has explained in reasonalbe terms
> >why he supports Clinton, no one has explained why they are voting
> >to a man they know they cannot trust, inclusing Will. It is still
> >unbeleivable that there are as many Americans as the polls indicate
> >that support Clinton in spite of all the illegal, imoral and unethical
> >activities. Bush broke one promise and was fired, Clinton has broken
> >many and the polls indicate Americans want more of his lies. A Bush
> >staffer obtained 1 and only 1 FBI file and went to jail, a Clinton staffer
> >got over 1000 and it is a "bureaucratic snafu" and the Republicans,
> >for calling him on it, are only "politically motivated" and "deperate" in
> >an election year. Go figure.
> It IS unbelievable isn't it...  What I have noticed though, is MOST (not
> all), but most Clinton supporters are those who are less informed on the
> issues and what each candidate stands for.  And as for those who seem to be
> more informed, are for Dole...  Except for the smart/informed thieves and/or
> welfare recipients...
> Ron
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Ditto on all of the above from a Dittohead!  Just check out my hompage
to find out how I feel.


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