Joseph Bisti bisti2 at TCNJ.EDU
Sun Oct 27 06:44:52 MST 1996

        I'm not sure if the traffic on this list is really slow or not.
As far as the election goes, I'm pretty sure I know why not many people
are commenting on it.  The media, the polls, and basically everyone in
the country is saying that it is already over.  Nobody is giving Dole any
kind of chance to win the election.  My political science professor, an
admitted liberal, even says that Clinton has the election locked up.
        This bothers me because it discourages people from visiting the
polls and getting involved in lists like these.  Being a Dole supporter,
I would like to see as many people at the polls as humanly possible.  If
this kind of media action keeps up, then the election will be considered
nonexistent and this list will stay relatively quiet for a while.

Joseph Bisti
The College of New Jersey
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