Press bias*

Invictus febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Oct 28 19:35:11 MST 1996

William Thurber wrote:
> I agree with Bill the press is biased.  Just this weekend there was
> another bimbo eruption, a woman claimed to have had a 4 year affair yet
> the story was relegated to 2 inches of space on page 14 of the Saturday
> edition of the newspaper and received no treatment from any TV media that
> I saw.  If it had been Bill Clinton I am sure that this story would have
> been front page news, but since they all like Bob Dole stories like this
> get buried.  I can't stand all this right wing bias in the news media!!!!
> --Will

Thanks for the post, Will

You have (several times, I think) stated that even unconscious
racist sentiments find subtle expression in word and deed.  Could
you not also exercise the same logic with media practioners?
Given that more than 90% of these critters vote for the democratic/
liberal/socialist candidates, how could we NOT have liberal bias
in the media?

Regards, PapaPaul

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afternoon to discover a feral cat drinking out of her water
cup.  She perched in the high branches, screetching and
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water, but the first thing she did when came out of the tree
was to take a few sips from the cup.

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