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Is it just possible that most university teachers and
professors, especially those in the soft subjects, are
________________________'s PROBABLE. My English Composition professor has shown us
Micheal More's "Roger and Me.", as well as "Emerald Forest," a left wing
environmentalist movie. Both were shown during class time. They were both
shown as films presenting a message. I found it odd that there were no
conservative message films shown. Instead, I had to watch Micheal More's
rantings about the ills of capitalism, and a Hollywood film maker's
pathetic attempts at convincing America to save the rain forest.

  Is it possible that most students of
polysci, communication, and journalism have socialist-
liberal teachers?

Yes. I'd like to add that most STUDENTS of these classes have
socialist/liberal leanings. My Public Speaking Class is one such example.
For the past two weeks we have been giving speeches. There are
twenty-five students. 3/4 of us have spoken. There were two speeches on
the destruction of Alaska, no three, by corperations and
guessed it...REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN. There was one AIDS speech that
advocated protection over abstinence, clean needles over no drugs at all,
etc, and there were two non-political speeches. One about Norse
mythology, one about search and rescue.
     There was one speech that highlighted campaign spending of both
sides, generally informative and nonpartisan, and there was my speech,
in which I contrasted Clinton by his own words. Oh yes, there were two
speeches on the Holocaust, neither of which were really all that political.

    However, while preparing for the speeches, many of my classmates
chose liberal topics, on environmentalism, left wing AIDS views, etc.
Mine was, except for the preliminaries of an Israeli Jew class member,
the only markedly conservative practice. (Oh yes, there was one pro-life
preliminary practice)

     The book itself is markedly liberal. It is the epitomy of political
correctness. The author uses the book as a platform for his rabid
environmentalism, such as,"it isn't effective to call a swamp a swamp,
a swamp should be referred to as a wetland so that more people will be
convinced." Or words to that effect.

Will Tuell




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