The Political Poison Pill

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Re: The Political Poison Pill
Dennis wrote:
>This is still a partly free country and it is up to every =
>citizen to seek out the truth and vote their conscience.
>Unfortunately, there are a great many that have become lazy and/or
>have opted out of the process. Many like Will and Richard (say what
>ever happened to him anyway?), simply refuse to hear and
>understand the truth. The reasons for this are a different argument,
>about which I have my own ideas, and we can discuss that at
>another time if you wish.

        Many liberals are actually avid readers, taking pride in their efforts
be informed.   One problem is that they seem unaware of how doctored much
of their information is.  It is mostly filtered through a leftist ideology
skews, deletes, and repackages facts to conform to what is transparently (to
us) a Marxist-Lennist viewpoint.  From the Daily Worker, The National
Guardian, Ramparts (now defunct), Izzy Stone,  The New Republic,  Anna
Louise Strong (the wonders of the Chinese People's Revolution), and Mother
Jones have come a legion of leftist journalists.  Many used to champion Stalin
as blindly as they now champion Clinton.  I have met many people in this
"movement."  They are as close to fanatics as you ever want to get.  What
many "liberals" who pride themselves on "being informed" do not realize is
how incredibly manipulated they have been and now are by this hard core
cadre of the left.  Fortunately some, like David Horowitz, the former editor
of Ramparts, have come to their senses.  He and the Center for the Study of
Popular Culture are now good sources for unmasking the leftist agenda.
Unfortunately, in our time, leftists, like Lamprey Eels and Zebra Muscles in
the Great Lakes, have become entrenched in the social fabric.

(snip) and in another post Re: the Press Bias wrote:
>The liberals have isidiously been allowed to take =
>control of our institutions since the '60s. This how the youth of this =

>country have been brainwashed to think like liberals. Look only at
>the surface of problems, come up with a knee jerk solution and
>ignore the results. As long as you tried that is good enough, results
>are irrelevant, making yourself feel good has priority.

        Absolutely.  In disciplines and  departments in colleges across this
country, leftist liberals dominate.  Whole departments and divisions are 100%
liberal (not even a closet Republican among them).  In my visits to many,
campuses and several academic conferences each year, I observe
conservatives are as scarce as hen's teeth.  The intellectual mono-culture of
the academy  today is astounding.

>I don't have any scientific evidence but it appears that the
>newest generation of voters has a significant number of
>conservatives amoung its ranks. There is reason for optomism in
>spite of opinions like those of Will, even his son is growing into a
>conservative. :)

        Yes, the younger generation is beginning to see its future mortgaged
to the Welfare State and it freedom to pursue individual self interest hobbled
by socialist laws and mind-set.


Bill White

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