Statistical correlation????

Mike and Carole Porch forrest at SHORE.INTERCOM.NET
Thu Oct 31 08:18:01 MST 1996

>On Wed, 30 Oct 1996, Mike Wangsmo wrote:
>> In all seriousness, I do hope that during crunch time, Sen. Dole can
>> really pull a rabbit out of his hat and pull this thing off!
>> Mike
>Mike's post raises a question.  If Dole does win all the toss-up states
>and comes from behind to win California he will win a majority of the
>electoral college and the Presidentcy.  However, he probably would not win
>a majority of the popular vote, like Clinton in 1992.  It is possible that
>he would not even win the largest share of the popular vote.
>The question is:  Would all of you who have been questioning Clinton's
>right to implement his adgenda, because he did not receive 50% of the
>popular vote raise the same objection with Bob Dole, or would you advocate
>that both Dole and Kemp resign allowing the speaker of the house to become
>president? (assuming that the party that controls the house obtains 50+%
>of the popular congressional vote)


You have made one of the best arguments for the dismantling of the Electoral
College which I've heard recently.

But until, the EC is gone, I say "Whats good for the Goose is good for the
Gander". To get Slick Willy and his unethical cronies (94 are either under
investigation, resigned, fired,convicted or dead.) out of the White House,
Conservatives will take it just like the Democrats did in 1992.

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