This Prez and the Bill of Rights

Mike and Carole Porch forrest at SHORE.INTERCOM.NET
Thu Oct 31 09:04:46 MST 1996

You would think Lib's would be highly disturbed about the War on the Bill of
Rights that has been waged by this President. Administration Snafus my
butt...., Political SNAFUS yes.  This Prez has done more to take our Civil
Liberties than any in history.

Anthony Lewis, in an Op-ED for the NY Times, stated it clearly for all of
you Liberals. "Can the Bill Of Rights stand 4 more years of the Clinton
Administrations Policies?" Mr. Lewis, by the way, is a very Liberal
Comentator for the NY Times. I no longer have the article by Mr. Lewis, but
it is available from the NY Times Archive online.

1. Wire taps have doubled under Clinton. They will continue to increase if
he is re-elected according to the Justice Department(under the premise of
deterring Terorism).

2. Drug tests for 16 to 18 year olds for Driver license applicants. What is
next? Drug tests for adults Renewing their Drivers Licenses or possibly
mandated for Registering a Motor Vehicle. Why not Drug tests for someone who
is responsible for the Launch Codes to over 3000 NUCLEAR WARHEADS?????

3. 970+ private citizens' FBI files procured by a known drug user. How about
a 6 month lapse in the LOG book for signing them out. Richard Nixon was
going to be impeached for a 10 minute gap in a tape. This is a direct
violation of The Privacy Act of 1976, it's text is available on line.READ IT!!!!

4. Big Brother, the Computer, has more that 500,000 names in its Database. I
work with Databases and suspect that it was not only for political friends.
It is believed by several Investigative Reporters that the 970+ files were
gotten to be used in this Database.

5. It is now become a common practice of the FBI, ATF and Treasury Dept. to
tap the INternet and most especially the EMAIL. Log on to any FTP,
Newsgroup, or TeleNET and there is a disclaimer that all transactions can
and sometimes are monitored. This was implemented by AL Gores Committee in
Cooperation with the above mentioned Agencies.  The Method that is used is
quite simple and is absolutely invisible to the user community. The FBI has
used this method many times, without court order, they easdrop at the Trunk
Hubs (ATT, MCI, and other major Networking providers). They can use Sniffers
that recognize most any Protocol available. Encryption is no problem to
these sniffers, they are capable of monitoring any incoming and outgoing
Packets, also capture any transmission to the disk of the Host PC for later

6. Lets not forget the Private Citizens which have been arrested for
exercising their Free Speech Rights. The Mendozas of Chicago arrested for
telling Mr. Clinton the truth about the GI's who died in Saudi Arabia's
bombing. These people were audited by the IRS almost immediately. They have
nearly lost their business because ofthe IRS and have nearly 10,000 dollars
in lawyer debts. Then lets us not forget, the city of Chicago appealing the
decision handed down Monday. The judge threw it out on the basis " NO
EVIDENCE!!!!!" This is not the first example of this, it happened exactly in
the same manner in 1994 to another Clinton Heckler, for saying derogatory
remarks about Mr. Clinton's Character. The Heckler on the beach should count
her lucky stars, that Mr. Clinton needs California to win, or she would be
in the same boat as the Mendozas. ALL HALE THE KING OR OFF WITH YOUR

7. The Travel office employees had their rights viaolated and were publicly
humiliated by the FBI, IRS and the Clintons. The subsequent trials of all
involved failed to prove any wrong doing. The Clintons continue to publicly
attack the people that were fired. They, the Clintons used the FBI and IRS,
as the Kremlin used the KGB, to attack their political enemies.

8. The Ruby Ridge incident, approved by politcal appointee Lewis Freeh,
violated the rights of Mr. Weavers and his families right to life, freedom
and the persuit of happiness. His family was ambushed and murdered because
he elected to be a Separatist from society and the effects it was having on
his children.

9. Waco, the FBI and BATF  murdered innocent people and children to persue a
political agenda. The agenda is simple and straight forward, Religious
persecution and GUN CONTROL. The cult leader was a pervert in most peoples
eyes and the Children should have been removed.

10. School Uniforms for students. 10 th amendment.

11. His recent land grab, in the name of Enviromentalism, in Utah.

12. Gun Control, Assault Weapons Ban and his call for people convicted of
domestic violence. This call for the direct conviscation of any firearm
owned by that person even though domestic violence is a misdemeanor. Whats
next, if you have a misdemeanor on your record of any kind, you will not be
allowed to posess a Firearm.

13. Affirmative Action is discrimination, in violation the Constitution and
the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. It has been increased in every Federal Agency
in the country by a factor of 10 since his Inauguration. AA has been the
sole basis for new hires in the Federal Government since mid 1993. According
to The Office of Personnel Management(OPM) , their own statistics show that
minorities hires are above 30% of all hires since mid 1994. Of those hires,
women represent > 60% of all new hires. Hmmm, a little disproportionate
wouldn't you think? According to OPM statistics in 1995, the Federal
Governments Racial profile was greater than 20% for Blacks. So, I ask was
there a need for AA to be increased in the Federal Government and was there
a need at all.

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