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Dennis Putnam dap at ILINKS.NET
Thu Oct 31 20:38:32 MST 1996

On Thu, 31 Oct 96 04:56:04 PST  , Willaim Thurber - MKTG PhD
Student wrote:

> Mike's post raises a question.  If Dole does win all the toss-up
> and comes from behind to win California he will win a majority of the
> electoral college and the Presidentcy.  However, he probably
would not win
> a majority of the popular vote, like Clinton in 1992.  It is possible =

> he would not even win the largest share of the popular vote.
> The question is:  Would all of you who have been questioning
> right to implement his adgenda, because he did not receive 50% of
> popular vote raise the same objection with Bob Dole, or would you
> that both Dole and Kemp resign allowing the speaker of the house
to become
> president? (assuming that the party that controls the house obtains
> of the popular congressional vote)
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As usual Will you are twisting the facts. After Clinton's marginal
victory, he, the Democrats and media called it a 'mandate'. That
became the argument for implementing his leftist agenda. Is must
be noted that what he is claiming as his accomplishments
occurred with the Republicans in control of congress while nothing
got done while his own party was in control. The objection from the
rest of us was that it was not anyting close to a 'mandate' so using
that as an agrument for his agenda was objectionable. The same
would be true of Dole. When he wins and if it is by a small margin
and/or by minority vote he will have no right to claim it a 'mandate'
and use that as an argument to forward his agenda. However, he
won't have to because his agenda will be for the benefit fo all
Americans rather that for only himself and the liberal power base of
government control of the masses. :)

As a side issue, Will, and since you support Clinton I have a
question. Would you want your son to use Clinton as a role model,
including the philandering, adultering and lieing? If you had a
daughter would you be happy about her going out with a man like
Clinton? I know this is baiting you but I cannot believe you can
honestly answer in the affirmative to these questions, no good father
could. That being the case (assuming you indeed answer no) how
can you support a man to lead this country that you would not trust
with your daughter or want your son to emulate? Actually I have
asked that of the few Clinton supporters I know and none could
answer it except to try and deny the facts of Clinton's lifestyle. Very =

feeble reasoning is the only answer to why they support Clinton.
Dennis Putnam
Loganville, Ga.

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