UPS, Help me understand

cas cas at ESSEX1.COM
Mon Aug 4 20:07:17 MDT 1997

        Okay, forgive me but I am just sharing my frustrations and I hope someone will
help me understand.  As I have stated before, I am the plant manager of a small
factory.  We totally depend on UPS to move our stuff in and out.  Now my local
UPS drivers say they are happy with what is being offered, but the Teamsters
won't let them vote on the contract.  Can someone explain this to me?  This is
what I think I understand.  The Teamsters are a union group that has several
companies in their union, one of which is UPS.  For some reason the Teamsters
have decided that they do not like the contract being offered and therefore
have decided to go on strike.  What I don't understand is, if the company
agrees, how does the union have the power to override them?  Am I stupid?  Is
there something I am over looking?  I am having a nervous break down because
the post office has limited me to four packages a day, Fed Ex says no more than
normal.  On a given day, we ship four packages a day by Fed Ex.  They always
give us a number like, 23 or 24.  Today when we called at 7 o'clock this
morning, our number was 8005.  When we called at 7:30, they said, no way.
Then, when we closed today, they never came and got the one package they said
they would get.  Trucking companies say, unless you are an every day customer,
don't call us.  I had two hundred packages that did not go anywhere today.
What am I going to do, and/or say to my customers?
          Help, I'm dying here and no one cares.  Thanks for listening.  Insights are
always welcome.


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