UPS, Help me understand

Rob H. robh at HPDC.COM
Mon Aug 4 21:59:29 MDT 1997

> From: cas <cas at ESSEX1.COM>
> Subject: UPS, Help me understand
> Date: Monday, August 04, 1997 8:07 PM
>         Okay, forgive me but I am just sharing my frustrations and I hope
someone will
> help me understand.  As I have stated before, I am the plant manager of a
> factory.  We totally depend on UPS to move our stuff in and out.  Now my
> UPS drivers say they are happy with what is being offered, but the
> won't let them vote on the contract.  Can someone explain this to me?
This is
> what I think I understand.  The Teamsters are a union group that has
> companies in their union, one of which is UPS.  For some reason the
> have decided that they do not like the contract being offered and
> have decided to go on strike.  What I don't understand is, if the company
> agrees, how does the union have the power to override them?  Am I stupid?
> there something I am over looking?

I feel that like welfare, unions were once a useful tool that has since
gone sour.  In the company I work for, it has had threats of unions coming
in and taking over the wages that we are getting.  While I agree that we
are very much underpaid, I also see the threat that a union poses, such as
freedom of a right to do what you want, not what the union dictates.  I
truly believe that unions are for the union itself and that is exactly what
creates the problem.  As a past teacher, I was often urged to join the
National Education Assocation, an extremely liberal organization that has
an extremely large "interest group" pull from teachers across the country.
While, yes, I did join my first year of teaching each and every year after
that I declined as I saw it as a absolutely useless organization to me and
was looking out for one thing only...not our jobs...but the pocketbooks of
the big wigs of the organization.

While I do feel for companies that are feeling the punch from this hideous
strike, especially the small family businesses, be it known that there are
honest hard-working people in this country that do not stand for the
"union's" liberal big pile of cattle excrement and would just as soon see
others follow suite so it would shut them down.  I, being a prime believer
in this philosphy.

My advise to you CAS, is to be an advocate disbeliever in unions and tell
everyone that you know just how harmful unions are to a nation's economy
and well-being as the teamsters have clearly made delivery of packages for
a large majority of our country's companies a big mess.  I know for certain
that workers for UPS in the town that I live make close to three times the
amount that I am getting for an hourly wage.  My job is not secure either
and I can be replaced with part time help as well.   So I ask the question

Rob H.

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