UPS, Help me understand

J. Prescott jprescot at PRIMENET.COM
Mon Aug 4 23:00:29 MDT 1997

can't you TAKE the packages to fedex?  i thought that the stipulations that
you described only pertained fedex PICKING THEM UP.  if that is so, then
while it might well be a collossal hassle, it would be better than being
high & dry with your customer base.  even assuming these packages were
fairly bulky, you could rent a u-haul for just a few dollars per day
compared to what you are losing the way things are without such an effort.

just something to think about.  & i realize that it doesn't mean a thing if
i am wrong in the first place.


> From: cas <cas at ESSEX1.COM>
> Subject: UPS, Help me understand
> Date: Monday, August 04, 1997 9:07 PM
>         Okay, forgive me but I am just sharing my frustrations and I hope
someone will
> help me understand.  As I have stated before, I am the plant manager of a
> factory.  We totally depend on UPS to move our stuff in and out.  Now my
> UPS drivers say they are happy with what is being offered, but the
> won't let them vote on the contract.  Can someone explain this to me?
This is
> what I think I understand.  The Teamsters are a union group that has
> companies in their union, one of which is UPS.  For some reason the
> have decided that they do not like the contract being offered and
> have decided to go on strike.  What I don't understand is, if the company
> agrees, how does the union have the power to override them?  Am I stupid?
> there something I am over looking?  I am having a nervous break down
> the post office has limited me to four packages a day, Fed Ex says no
more than
> normal.  On a given day, we ship four packages a day by Fed Ex.  They
> give us a number like, 23 or 24.  Today when we called at 7 o'clock this
> morning, our number was 8005.  When we called at 7:30, they said, no way.
> Then, when we closed today, they never came and got the one package they
> they would get.  Trucking companies say, unless you are an every day
> don't call us.  I had two hundred packages that did not go anywhere
> What am I going to do, and/or say to my customers?
>           Help, I'm dying here and no one cares.  Thanks for listening.
Insights are
> always welcome.
> cas

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