UPS, Help me understand

cbnron cbnron at ADAMS.NET
Mon Aug 4 23:18:00 MDT 1997

At 09:59 PM 8/4/97 -0600, you wrote:
>and I can be replaced with part time help as well.   So I ask the question
>Rob H.
That's what every one of the UPS drivers i know were saying last week and
they were not happy about it.  Not a one thinks they are underpaid and
appearently that isn't what the problem is.  Has something to do with
temporary drivers or something like that.  I can tell you that the rank and
file UPS drivers don't give a rat's ass about those temps and would much
rather be working.  That is only one of the problems of having to be in a

The union came into my husbands business several years ago.  The only thing
the union did for his employees was to make sure no one gets a raise.  If
he gives a raise to those who deserve one; then he has to also give the
same raise to the laggers, according to union doctrin.  I might add that
all those employees who voted for the damn union have left the company
because they didn't like paying the union dues.  Now the guys that are
working there now don't want the union but are stuck with it.  They *could*
get out of the union deal but don't know that and wouldn't know how and my
husband isn't allowed to tell them.


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