UPS, Help me understand

J. Prescott jprescot at PRIMENET.COM
Tue Aug 5 00:58:26 MDT 1997

he may not be allowed to tell them.  but if he really wanted to let them
know how, & they really wanted to know, there are ways that that info could
be "leaked" without anyone ever finding out how.  sometimes you just have
to be creative.


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> Date: Tuesday, August 05, 1997 12:18 AM
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> >and I can be replaced with part time help as well.   So I ask the
> >
> >Rob H.
> >
> That's what every one of the UPS drivers i know were saying last week and
> they were not happy about it.  Not a one thinks they are underpaid and
> appearently that isn't what the problem is.  Has something to do with
> temporary drivers or something like that.  I can tell you that the rank
> file UPS drivers don't give a rat's ass about those temps and would much
> rather be working.  That is only one of the problems of having to be in a
> union.
> The union came into my husbands business several years ago.  The only
> the union did for his employees was to make sure no one gets a raise.  If
> he gives a raise to those who deserve one; then he has to also give the
> same raise to the laggers, according to union doctrin.  I might add that
> all those employees who voted for the damn union have left the company
> because they didn't like paying the union dues.  Now the guys that are
> working there now don't want the union but are stuck with it.  They
> get out of the union deal but don't know that and wouldn't know how and
> husband isn't allowed to tell them.
> carole

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