J. Prescott jprescot at PRIMENET.COM
Wed Aug 6 00:46:38 MDT 1997

too much sunshine on the vine spoils the grape.


> From: PapaPaul <febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM>
> To: RUSHTALK at athena.csdco.com
> Subject: Abstinence
> Date: Tuesday, August 05, 1997 9:09 PM
> During the last year I've had thug radio on in the background
> a good part of each day (Rush, Reagan, Ken Hamblin, etc).  When
> I heard recently that NEWS could be stressful, I decided to
> give abstinence a try.  I replaced news and talk with Chopin,
> Pavarotti, Louis Armstrong, etc.  After a week I've noticed
> more sparkle in my eyes, more spring in my step, and that there
> are more pretty girls on the sidewalks.  Too bad  government
> won't leave us alone and let us do some real living, like smelling
> the roses.
> Regards, PapaPaul

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