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PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Aug 6 11:17:27 MDT 1997


I read you loud and clear.
There is a command you can send to the
server which sets up your subscription
to give you automatic notification of
successful sends.  Forgot what it was
and my notes on it were lost in the
great hard drive Crash Of '96, but maybe
others on the list can help.

BTW, Enjoyed your Posts, JP.

Regards, PapaPaul

At 11:53 AM 8/6/97 -0500, J. Prescott wrote:
>i have sent some posts to the following e-mail address, but i don't know if
>they are getting thru, cuz i don't ever see them come thru on my own end.
>this IS the correct address to use, isn't it?

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