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At 12:43 PM 8/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
>        Hard as I tried, I just could not make sense of Mr. Bill's decision
to not get
>involved in the UPS strike.  He intervened in the baseball and American
>Airlines strikes, yet states that the UPS strike does not meet the labor law
>test--that the nation's health and safety in imperiled.
>        Let me see.  UPS handles 63% of packages shipped, they employ one
out of every
>400 workers in the US and they have a daily payroll of $41 million dollars.
>This is not enough for a presidential role?  Missing a couple baseball
games is
>going to affect the US more?
>        Then I read the Wall Street Journal and learned that federal
prosecutors are
>examining financial links between the teamsters and the DNC.  Now I get it!
>Mr. Carey and Mr. Bill are buddies.
>        Thanks for everyone's insights.

I'm suprised at you cas. Everyone knows the unions bought the Whitehouse for
clinton. The NEA was the biggest single domestic contributor, AFL-CIO was
second and Teamsters were third. Or close to it.

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