snow will melt

Collin J. Csuy ccsuy at KENNEDY.WAUSAU.K12.WI.US
Sat Aug 9 15:17:16 MDT 1997

There seems to be a great deal of anger in your words from "Snow in
August," so I'm not sure how to tell you that you are wrong without
increasing your anger.  How about this: Cheer up, you're wrong about the
GOP--they are much different than the liberals!  If the masses think
that the two parties are the same, then conservatives benefit.  I hope
conservatives can put up with a little snow from their leaders without
moving south.  In Wisconsin, the snow always melts and provides needed
water for the growing season.

> From: "Kenneth E. Wyman" <kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM>
> August 8, 1997
>                      Snow in August

>     What has happened is very obvious.  Bill has co-opted
> the programs of  the GOP thru its leaders  abject surrender
> to his 1996 campaign fear tactics.  As George Wallace s
>  not a dimes worth of difference  evaluation of our two
> party system gains prophetic ascendancy, the GOP now
> stands in danger of being dismissed. as a party of
> non-viable differences.

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