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> Subject: Re: Organized Crim
> Date: Wednesday, August 13, 1997 03:48
> At 03:01 AM 8/13/97 -0500, Richard Whitenight wrote:
> >More and more I believe that the true organized crime in this nation of
> >is not the mafia, although they are a big factor in crime, but the real
> >organized crime effort in this county are the unions.  UPS is being held
> >hostage by the Teamsters.  The AFL-CIO is now kissing ass by providing
> >Teamsters with a loan to help pay for the striking UPS workers.  I don't
> think
> >President Clinton should intervene...let the strikers stay on strike and
> >there jobs...that's as American as apple pie and Chevrolet.
> >
> You may get your wish.  Bubba Bill owes a lot to the Unions for his
> re-election, and may want to let them have their way with the nation.
> Regards, PapaPaul
RW & PP:

        The statements concerning crime are overstatements.  Contrary to
the basic anti-labor position taken, labor unions serve their purpose.
Interestingly, physicians promote their own cause through various
"associations".  Something comparable occurs with many other occupational

        It is now August, so that the November election results should
finally be digested and assimilated.  One candidate did receive more votes
than his opponent.

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