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At 10:24 AM 8/13/97 -0500, Richard Swerdlin wrote:
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>> At 03:01 AM 8/13/97 -0500, Richard Whitenight wrote:
>> >More and more I believe that the true organized crime in this nation of
>> >is not the mafia, although they are a big factor in crime, but the real
>> >organized crime effort in this county are the unions.  UPS is being held
>> >hostage by the Teamsters.  The AFL-CIO is now kissing ass by providing
>> >Teamsters with a loan to help pay for the striking UPS workers.  I don't
>> think
>> >President Clinton should intervene...let the strikers stay on strike and
>> >there jobs...that's as American as apple pie and Chevrolet.
>> >
>> You may get your wish.  Bubba Bill owes a lot to the Unions for his
>> re-election, and may want to let them have their way with the nation.
>> Regards, PapaPaul
>RW & PP:
>        The statements concerning crime are overstatements.  Contrary to
>the basic anti-labor position taken, labor unions serve their purpose.
>Interestingly, physicians promote their own cause through various
>"associations".  Something comparable occurs with many other occupational
>        It is now August, so that the November election results should
>finally be digested and assimilated.  One candidate did receive more votes
>than his opponent.
>Richard Swerdlin
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Political change occurs when a sufficient percentage of
of the population suffers a massive bellyache, and in
that regard I am doing my part.

Regards, PapaPaul

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